Dead Dragon:

Baradin Hold. No longer holding anything

We got him.

That is a chamber in Baradin Hold. An empty chamber. Containing, you will note, no trace whatsoever of a Pit Lord.

That would be because we killed him.

Well done everybody, particularly those who came to previous attempts but missed out tonight.

This post is for anyone who wants to make a comment about anything guild- or game-related. Just so that we all know where to look for current comments. I plan to make a new one every month (if I remember).

Assuming that many people will be interested in this, Joxr has posted these two links with raiding info:

I’m repeating them here since they’re really useful and deserve better than getting buried in comments to a previous post.

My personal feeling is that achieving 24k dps is some time off for all of my toons…

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What days / times do you want to raid? Current guild raid times are Wed and Mon 8:30-10:30pm ST. Does this still work for us? Some of us can’t make either day, and would prefer Thu evening. What would YOU like? Replace either of the Wed or Mon runs with Thu? Run Thu in addition to Wed and Mon? Your comments are appreciated.

With Cataclysm now imminent I thought I’d update everybody on our plans for the expected 80-85 levelling rush and raiding intentions. Once Cataclysm drops there will be no more scheduled ICC or RS raids. On Wednesdays and Mondays, where we previously had scheduled raid times, log on and form as many guild-only 5-man groups as possible.

Obviously we would like to start raiding again as soon as possible, however, everybody has real life / Christmas etc to deal with as well. So, don’t panic, and most of all don’t feel pressured into doing something extreme like taking time off work or playing all night in order to get to 85 first (unless you really want to, of course). V and I will certainly not be doing that, and this guild doesn’t apply that kind of pressure.

That said, V and I will focus on getting one toon each to 85 asap. This will be a tank / healer pair (likely to be V and Tox but could be Getaphix and Tox). We intend to level in dungeons as much as possible to avoid the masses of people all desperate for the same spawn at any given point, and we will be avoiding Dungeon Finder pugs like the plague. This being the case there will be three dps spots available most evenings on an ad-hoc basis so we hope many of you will be joining us!

As soon as we can fill a 10-man raid with at least a reasonable role balance we will go into whatever the first raid instance is, even in quest greens and blues. We don’t expect to down a boss, or even the trash, immediately; we’re just curious about what it’s like inside. Very likely we’ll wipe on the first bit of trash a few times, then come out and split into 5-mans again to gear up properly in heroics but the initial look just has to get done.

I have updated the guild loot rules for Cataclysm; please review them. I have also updated the method for selecting raiders, largely by taking out the ‘ICC’ references, and the guild rules, mostly about use of the guild bank. All these pages can also be accessed from the static links to the right. Comments are very welcome!

See you soon in Cataclysm!

Dramatis Personae

With the Lich King safely consigned to his icy tomb, the Leopards team had to find themselves something new to do. RS normal or ICC Heroic? We decided to put our new titles to good use and opted for a go at ICC hardmodes.

We blasted through the trash to Marrowgar, not even tripping any skeletons on the way. Additional fight mechanics include more health for the boss, an extra coldflame during Bone Storm, and Bone Spikes at each stop. First surprise: Coldflame hurts. Second surprise: Bone Spikes can kill you very easily if you don’t get enough heals. Third surprise: It’s very good to be freed from a Bone Spike, just not when there is coldflame underneath it, at least not without insta-heals.

Do I need to mention explicitly that we wiped? Three times, I think. Then a new strategy, adapted from a 25-man: Three tanks (or, in our case, two tanks plus a plate-wearing DPS — well volunteered, Mawquin) stand in a triangle, with everyone else in the middle. This forces Marrowgar to do his Bone Storm in a nicely-predictable triangle, with the raid “only” having to worry about moving out of cold flames. It worked like a charm, with only two deaths. Not being able to rez more than one person per fight is a real pain. Down goes Marrowgar!

We proceeded to Lady Deathwhisper. Trash summarily disposed of in the usual manner we had a look at the extra abilities: People get mind-controlled (don’t kill them please…), adds keep spawning after the mana shield is down, the Lady herself is untauntable and those annoying ghosts explode on contact, potentially killing a squishy clothie. We gave it a pull to see how all that would look in practice. I didn’t see much of the fight once the mana shield was down since healing went from frantic to insane, mana was a problem, people died (one got rezzed), and yet we hadn’t actually wiped. Surely we weren’t going to make this on the very first pull….? Oh yes we did — end of The Lady.

Having accomplished this much we knew we could do Heroic Lootship — after all, some of us had done this one before.  Key points, don’t stand in rocket targeting circles and, erm, not sure what else because that’s all a healer has to worry about (well, that and  healing). Heroic gunships is a long fight, requiring sustained concentration (and mana management) but it isn’t actually very hard. The Horde ship gets dispatched back to their cave, or wherever it is the Horde call home.

On to Deathbringer Saurfang. With no hunter nor shaman for slowing options, and Blood Beasts now lethal to anyone they come into contact with this, the two Resto Druids were co-opted into rooting Blood Beasts. Doubts surfaced in my mind… We gave it a pull, and Blood Beast 1 promptly ate the warlock while Blood Beast 2 expressed a preference for boomkin meat, so we wiped with Saurfang at 98% health, after all the lovely blood power we fed him. Nom.

By the way, Scent of Blood is a snare that really sucks — even if the Beast is rooted you can’t run away from it.

Clearly a new strategy was called for. Bear tank went Boomkin to give us another ranged dps, and Mawquin went tank. Blood-beast wise that went much better, and we gave it a few more pulls, learning the fight. Then we called it an excellent night’s raiding and called it, thinking of finishing off with the Naxx weekly.

Oh dear. Various people brought their alts who still needed the Justice Points, and, with a deluge of healers (it’s Naxx, for heaven’s sake, surely we don’t need three healers…?) I decide to take Tox as feral dps; her gear isn’t great but it’s only Naxx.

With that mindset we get to Razzuvious. It turns out that the finer points of using the Obedience Crystals had been forgotten in the lengthy interval since we last had to do it, the minions resented the mind control, and we wiped. In Naxx. Embarrassed! If this was a pug people would quit group now.

However, it’s a guild run so back in we go, with rather more determination. After all, we could do ICC10 hard modes, caving in to Razzuvious is not on. Or perhaps it is. Another wipe. This is getting silly. This time for sure. Finally, the crystals are worked with finesse and accuracy, the dps focus, the minions get healed, and down goes Razzuvious. Phew!

Key Facts

  • Number of Heroic bosses down: 3
  • Number of times Tox used Lifeblood for the haste buff: 4
  • Number of battle rezzes used per fight: 1
  • Number of battle rezzes needed per fight: More than one
  • Usefulness of loot: Meh, some minor upgrades
  • Difficulty of Naxx: A lot higher than we remembered

Excellent raiding, Leopards, more next week!

Dramatis Personae

We first met the Lich King in Howling Fjord. He appeared in a vision above Wyrmskull Village. After giving Ymiron his orders, he ignored our challenge and ran away like a scared tweenie. Our next encounter was in the Dead Halls of Gjaelebron. We slaughtered Angeboda, and he appeared to hand out more orders. Again, whn challenged he turned and skipped away. Next, we travelled to Borean Tundra, where he gave a pep talk to some minions. Once again, when confronted he turned and fled.

Later, after we had been fooled by Drakuru in Drak’Tharon, he appeared to do his now-familiar exposition and disappearance. When we saw him in Zul’drak, we were able to sing along with the chorus. In Icecrown we saw him again. Arrive, brief a minion, pep talk, assure us we’re all doomed, bugger off. Frankly, this was repetitive.

In the Halls of Reflection, we met him again. This time, the tables were turned, and it was us who were forced to ‘Advance briskly in a reverse direction’. Obviously, we couldn’t stand for that. It was time to make a house call.

We fought skeletons and liches in the lower spire. We had a free and frank exchange of views (and cannonballs) with the Horde Gunship. In the Upper Spire we were defeated by trash more often than bosses. Professor Putricide’s halfwit offspring were no challenge to us. The Professor himself caused us much pain and disgust. After his defeat, many of us swore never to return to his slime-strewn apartment. Favourite of the Lich King and he can’t afford a cleaner?

In the Crimson Halls, we controlled and managed some truly annoying minions before engaging the three trusted lieutenants. Or, “Three for the Price of One”, as we referred to them ten minutes later. The Vampire Queen required a little more co-ordinaation and planning as she distributed her odious love bites. But our skill as a team was growing, and down she went.

Valithria had been on the opiates again, and needed rescuing from herself. We staged an intervention with a small amount of interference from the local denizens. We healed her up and she flew off in a cloud of semi-hallucinatory drugs. Oh well. Sure we had done all we can, half of us stripped naked and ran down towards the next zone. Apart from some frostbite on Sensitive Areas, this strategy actually worked. We were at Sindragosa’s Eyrie. That was, by any objective measure, a complete goat-rope. Playful and almost friendly while airborne, on the ground she was, more than a handful. But, we persevered, and after many, many long fights, we killed her. Re-killed her. One of the reasons I hate the undead is because of the grammar issues.

After Sindragosa, we only had one job left. Upstairs to the boss. As someone pointed out yesterday, you’d think the unchallenged ruler of an entire continent would choose a place that’s a bit easier to heat in the winter.

We learnt the fight slowly, but steadily. Each attempt increased our knowledge and skill. In the first phase, we worked out hpw to get the Lich King to kill the shamblers.In the transition, we discovered how to get blasted over the edge by orbs. Wheeee! As we improved, we had time to twiddle our thumbs between Raging Spirits. Then, into Phase Two. Here, we learned how to spread Defile. And how to stun Val’kyrs. While standing in Defile, making it grow faster than you can run. Whoops. And we learned that Val’kyrs really, really like grabbing healers.

After a considerable amount of attempts, we discovered that it’s a good idea for everyone to be near the tanks at the next transition. Raging Spirits hit hard. Soon, we were on top of the transition. Whenever we made it past Phase Two, a certain wipe in Phase Three was assured. After a few more tries, we went back to the first strategy that had been suggested (Thanks Vanilla!). Evanflow kited the boss away from the Vile Spirits, and I soaked up the blasts. I may not know much, but I’m good at getting bashed.

On our last pull, we stunned every Val’kyr, stayed out of the Defile, blasted the Raging Spirits and entered Phase Three with ten raiders up. From there, it was a long, careful grind down to 10%.

At that point, he killed us all. I mean. Really. If he could do that all along, why was he messing about with minions, eternal filth from the depths of hell and sparkly ghosts? Next, he mocked and chortled at Tirion Fordring for a bit. This must have made Tirion very angry indeed, because he made a hulk-like escape from his ice prison. Gee, thanks Tirion. Us getting hammered, battered, slimed, blasted over the edge and dropped into the abyss didn’t get you worked up? Oh no. But, a few comments about your mum, and out you pop. It’s OK – we know where we stand.

Next up, you resurrect us. For which we thank you. Really. And then you capture the Lich King in a Cyclone, disabling him completely. A less grateful person may enquire why you didn’t do this, say, ten minutes ago? I shan’t, though. I assume you had your reasons, Could you lend me 500g for repairs, perhaps?

With the Lich King imprisoned, we were only too happy to play our role in the age-old “You hold him down, I’ll hit him” game, and down he went. After many long raids, hundreds of wipes and dozens of flasks, Azeroth is free of the Scourge.

We did it — the Lich King is defeated! Congratulations to all the newly-minted Kingslayers! Here is the evidence. Raid Report soon.

The Defeated Lich King

Patch Day has finally happened, and considering yesterday’s fun-and-games trying to learn what are effectively entirely new characters we need some activities to see us through the next couple of months. I found yesterday fairly stressful, with all toons behaving differently — tanks had no threat, casters had insane dps and healers had unfamiliar and half-configured interfaces. From guild chat I guess these feelings were shared by at least some of you.

So, the proposal is for ad-hoc 5-mans and maybe a couple of ‘easy’ raids (Naxx? Ulduar?) for the next few days, and then, when we feel a bit more comfortable, try a scheduled ICC10 run on Monday 18th. We’re going to have to start from scratch as the patch reset all raid lockouts but maybe that’s not such a bad thing considering our not-yet-familiar characters.

If there’s anything you’d like us to do as a guild in the near future, or have an opinion on this post or anything else guild-related, leave a comment below!

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