2011 March

March 2011

Baradin Hold. No longer holding anything

We got him.

That is a chamber in Baradin Hold. An empty chamber. Containing, you will note, no trace whatsoever of a Pit Lord.

That would be because we killed him.

Well done everybody, particularly those who came to previous attempts but missed out tonight.

This post is for anyone who wants to make a comment about anything guild- or game-related. Just so that we all know where to look for current comments. I plan to make a new one every month (if I remember).

Assuming that many people will be interested in this, Joxr has posted these two links with raiding info:



I’m repeating them here since they’re really useful and deserve better than getting buried in comments to a previous post.

My personal feeling is that achieving 24k dps is some time off for all of my toons…