With Cataclysm now imminent I thought I’d update everybody on our plans for the expected 80-85 levelling rush and raiding intentions. Once Cataclysm drops there will be no more scheduled ICC or RS raids. On Wednesdays and Mondays, where we previously had scheduled raid times, log on and form as many guild-only 5-man groups as possible.

Obviously we would like to start raiding again as soon as possible, however, everybody has real life / Christmas etc to deal with as well. So, don’t panic, and most of all don’t feel pressured into doing something extreme like taking time off work or playing all night in order to get to 85 first (unless you really want to, of course). V and I will certainly not be doing that, and this guild doesn’t apply that kind of pressure.

That said, V and I will focus on getting one toon each to 85 asap. This will be a tank / healer pair (likely to be V and Tox but could be Getaphix and Tox). We intend to level in dungeons as much as possible to avoid the masses of people all desperate for the same spawn at any given point, and we will be avoiding Dungeon Finder pugs like the plague. This being the case there will be three dps spots available most evenings on an ad-hoc basis so we hope many of you will be joining us!

As soon as we can fill a 10-man raid with at least a reasonable role balance we will go into whatever the first raid instance is, even in quest greens and blues. We don’t expect to down a boss, or even the trash, immediately; we’re just curious about what it’s like inside. Very likely we’ll wipe on the first bit of trash a few times, then come out and split into 5-mans again to gear up properly in heroics but the initial look just has to get done.

I have updated the guild loot rules for Cataclysm; please review them. I have also updated the method for selecting raiders, largely by taking out the ‘ICC’ references, and the guild rules, mostly about use of the guild bank. All these pages can also be accessed from the static links to the right. Comments are very welcome!

See you soon in Cataclysm!